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If there’s such thing as a mortgage “lifer,” Julie Yarbrough qualifies.

Starting at 19 as a loan processor, she was recruited by American Title, where she learned the escrow side of the business before jumping into loan origination at 27 years old, already a seasoned pro.

After relocating from the Bay Area to Sacramento to take care of her ill father, Julie thrived as a loan originator. In fact, she closed an astounding 43 transactions during her best month and soon opened her own mortgage brokerage, Gateway Capital in Roseville, CA.

But soon, the mortgage meltdown hit the region hard, and Julie saw the opportunity to transition into community banking at Five Star Bank in Sacramento, where she went on to become the President of the mortgage division.

Prior to joining EHL,inc Julie worked as a Regional Area Manager for the Pacific Northwest for a nationwide mortgage banker. She was strategic in creating and a new operations center and hiring, leading, and coaching many Loan officers and staff.

But when approached by longtime friends and peers, Leo Whitten and Anthony Lombardo, with a special opportunity, Julie knew that she’d finally found her professional home.

The task was an ambitious one: to help create and grow Empire Home Loans Inc., a people-centric mortgage firm headquartered in the Sacramento region that merges cutting edge technology to deliver the ultimate home loan experience for clients. Julie took that leap, becoming a Partner in Empire Home Loans Inc, and was tasked with the most pivotal component of the whole operation: PEOPLE!

“My strengths are found with people,” says Julie. “Coaching people, hiring people, and leading people – not just managing. So, my mandate with Empire Home Loans was always simple: to recruit the right talent, develop them, and put them in positions to succeed.”

For instance, one of Julie’s goals with Empire is to use her platform as an owner to empower other women in business, helping them shatter the glass ceiling in the real estate and mortgage fields.

That’s no small feat, but if anyone can do it, it’s Julie, who’s graduated from some of the finest leadership, communication, and management courses in the world like the National Speakers Association NSA. She’s also served as the PR Chairperson of the Sacramento CAMP Board for 7 years, co-chaired the Women’s Round Table – a business mastermind group, and graduated with distinction from Future Leaders, CMBA through Pepperdine University.

Not only will she serve as an ambassador to loan officers who want to join the Empire Home Loans team and learn how to thoroughly outpace the competition but use her vast experience to create the best user experience in the entire mortgage industry. Anywhere. Period.

“It’s my job to establish our marketing and branding, but, most importantly, to drive a winning culture. The main reason why the three of us are such great partners is that our talents are all so different. I say culture eats strategy for breakfast … and Anthony says a great strategy should include culture. Of course, we’re both right – as long as the client benefits!”

Somehow, this mortgage “lifer” still manages to balance work with her personal and family life.

She’s equally as committed to Kevin, her life partner of 15 years, and their beautiful daughter, Bella Bliss. Together, they live in Fair Oaks, where they are stalwarts of the community. Never one to sit still, Julie loves outdoor activities like cycling and swimming (she’s even completed a triathlon!), and loves playing with Sierra, her German Shepard, and Luna, her black lab.

When not on the go, Julie also enjoys cooking at home, mediation, has eclectic musical tastes, and is a voracious reader and consumer of media from podcasts to Ted Talks and just about anything she can find on leadership, inspiration, and personal development.

It’s no wonder why Empire Home Loans, and the clients she serves are lucky to have Julie!

Phone: (916) 508-5626

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