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My name is Jayson Thompson, and I am a loan partner with Empire Home Loans Inc. My goal, as a loan partner, is to help consumers with the purchase or refinance of their residential property.

I have been fortunate to work in the real estate space for the last 20 years, wearing various hats throughout my journey. As my roles have changed, my commitment to those I work with has not.

Whether it has been in a leadership role with a fortune 300 company, or my first job at dairy queen, I have strived to support and serve as best as possible, while helping all those around me grow and achieve their goals.

I am grateful for the opportunity to help consumers with their home ownership needs. Whether someone is buying their first home, or refinancing to help a child through college, I get to be a part of some of the biggest financial decisions they will ever make. This is something I do not take lightly!

In anything you do, there is always a WHY. Why push hard? Why go the extra mile? My WHY is my family! I have been married to my beautiful wife Lauren, for 14 years now, and we are blessed to have two healthy girls, named Peyton and Rylee. I strive to be the best I can for YOU, so I can give the best to THEM!


Phone: (916) 208-7442

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